Even though Hurricane Island itself is an incredible resource it isn't always accessible for everyone or at all times. 

With that in mind, we want to provide resources for people that they can access even if they can't make it out to our Island or to supplement their time before, during, or after their trip to visit us. 

Plans for future resources will include a field guide to Hurricane island flora and fauna, a centralized location for links to data collected on Hurricane Island (accessible for classroom use), and even recipes from our Farm to Table dinners! Check back often or sign up to be notified as new resources become available.  We are always looking for suggestions so please contact us with any other resources you would like to see.

As a final note, resources require staff time to create and curate and we want to continue to have these resources be free for general use. 

We would greatly appreciate you supporting us by spreading the word about the programs we offer.  Additionally, financial contributions of any amount are essential to our viability as a non-profit organization.  Your contribution will not only maintain and expand these resources but can be used to fund scholarships for students, purchase new equipment for on-island programming, or discount school programs to provide more opportunities for Maine public school students to come out to Hurricane Island.  We thank you for supporting us in any of these ways and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have!