Year Round Staff

We are currently hiring for a Director of Development. Please click here for the job announcement for more information and instructions on how to apply.


Seasonal Staff 2018

Hiring is now open! We are excited to be hiring for a large variety of seasonal positions this year and can't wait to get your application!  All positions are pending budgetary approval, which will be finalized in early January. Please click any position in the list below for a full job posting and use the "Apply Online" button to access the portal to apply. If you have any questions please contact us at jobs@hurricaneisland.net. Thank you for your interest in working on Hurricane Island!

2016 Staff: Top: Silas Rogers, Josh Adrian, Sam Hallowell, Oakley Jackson, Phillip Ulbrich; 2nd Row: Rebecca Kurtz, Jenn Page, Josie Gates, Phoebe Jekielek, Gwen Moiles, Eliza Baker-Wacks, Dana Colihan, Bailey Moritz, Oliva, Eric Howton; 3rd Row: Jack, Annie, Cait Cleaver, Stef Burchill, Jessie Batchelder, Michelle DesLauriers, Rachel Kimpton, Emily Peckham, Robin Chernow, Rachael Goldberg; Not pictured: Barney Hallowell. Photo courtesy of Patti Millette

2015 Staff: Top- Cait Cleaver, Barney Hallowell, 2nd Row- Oakley Jackson, Jenn Page, Ben Lemmond, 3rd Row- Alice Anderson, Olivia Lukacic, Chloe Tremper, Josie Gates, Sam Hallowell, 4th Row- Emily Peckham, Charley the dog, Jacque Rosa, Bailey Moritz, Micah Conkling, Silas Rogers, Not Pictured- Phoebe Jekielek

2014 Island Staff: L-R Back: Sam Hallowell, Oakley Jackson, Josie Gates, Collin Li, Chloe Tremper ; L-R Front: Ben Hoops, Alyssa Hall, Alice Anderson, Not Pictured- Cait Cleaver, Emily Peckham, Barney Hallowell

2013 Island Staff, L-R Sam Hallowell, Lizzie Morris, Alice Anderson, Addison Godine, Carson Cornbooks, Jim Mccormack, and Rusty the dog, Not Pictured- Oakley Jackson, Emily Peckham

2012 Island Staff: L-R John Dietter, Alice Anderson, Patrick Haigh, Joy Longellow, Addison Godine, Emily Peckham. Not Pictured- Andrew Njaa.