Island Updates


Artist-In-Residence Zoe Keller

We were lucky to have Zoe Keller out to Hurricane for two weeks in August for our first ever artist-in-residence program. Zoe worked with us to illustrate two 9x12 pencil drawings featuring the major plants and animals that can be found on Hurricane during June and July. She also created several sketches from her hikes around the island, and gave us some great ideas about how to continue to integrate art and science into our education programs. 

Zoe led morning drawing exercises during our SEAL program to help students warm up the artistic side of their brain. Students enjoyed working with Zoe and embraced the activities, taking time to think critically about how to translate complex and detailed information, like a cluster of wildflowers, onto their paper at the right perspective and scale.

We look forward to welcoming more artists out to Hurricane for short programs, and hope to work with Zoe in the future and use her images to communicate more about Hurricane Island's natural history.

The most noticeable plants and animals in June

Most noticeable in July on Hurricane

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