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Circle of Trust Retreat

I think people need to reconnect with nature up close and personal if they are going to become stewards and help protect our environment, so this type of program that does just that is incredibly needed, meaningful and empowering
— Dave Oaks

The Center for Ecological Living and Learning in cooperation with the Center for Courage and Renewal welcomed 8 participants and facilitators Dave Oakes and Holly Wilkinson for a two-day Circle of Trust Retreat on Hurricane Island. The goal of the retreat was to give participants the space to reconnect with nature and experience a sense of renewal by immersing themselves in the natural beauty of Hurricane Island. Music, poetry, communal time, and solo experiences allowed participants to experience inner healing, celebrate the outdoors, and reflect on how to be better environmental stewards and continue to protect the environment.

The signature event of the retreat was a chance for participants to spend sustained time reflecting in nature and connecting to their inner and outer landscapes with an overnight solo experience. After dinner on Saturday night, participants dispersed around the island for a solo and returned to the main campus to share a silent group fire.

We were thrilled to be able to include Circle of Trust participants in a dinner that was foraged and prepared by our Island Ecology students who were also out on the island learning about the natural history and ecology of Hurricane's terrestrial landscape.

We look forward to welcoming Dave and Holly and another Circle of Trust group back to Hurricane next year!

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