Island Updates

Penobscot Bay Leadership Program

Written by Carolina Hutt-Sierra

PBLP! What a GROUP! The PBLP boys were a fantastic addition to the Hurricane community and while they were only on the island for four full days, their bright and hilarious presence was felt long after they sailed away. The Penobscot Bay Leadership Program is unique in its emphasis on leadership and taking responsibility for one’s actions as well as one’s role within a larger group. Lilla and I found ourselves continuously impressed as the days passed by and we were able to watch the boys interact with each other and the Hurricane community in a mature and kind manner that far surpassed their years. In particular, I loved watching the boys step into the position of “captain of the day.” In this role an individual boy was placed in charge of leading his “crew” each day (i.e. making sure things were never left behind, keeping the group on schedule, etc.). 

The group was full of energy and spirits remained high and cheerful over the course of the four days. From rock climbing around the old quarry walls and rowing (with our eyes closed!) around the Hurricane sound to waking up early each morning to run a mile and jump into the ocean, the days were packed with activity and energy. After the long days, the PBLP crew was able to slow it down each evening before dinner when the group headed out for an hour of “sit pot.” Hiking to a different location each day, we spent the hour spread out across the island’s coast, sitting in silence and reflecting on the day while admiring the water in front of us. This time for reflection would continue later in the night, as well, when we gathered for an evening meeting in which we would discuss the highs and lows of the day as well as areas in which we were proud of ourselves and each other as well as areas in which we hoped to improve. The group sailed out of Hurricane Monday morning and we already miss their laughter and pizazz here on the island! 

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