Island Updates

Back with a Bang

Written by island educator, Kat Duvall

The Eaglebrook schedule was packed full of exciting activities, from the moment I met the boys on the dock as they scrambled off the boat to the time they re-boarded the boat for their journey back to the mainland. While some students went lobstering for the first time (and even came back with a few keepers- rare this early in the season!), some students tested their prowess at rock climbing and practiced teamwork through belaying. Hiking was a frequent activity- a favorite included shimmying through “The Crack” as well as “The Other Crack”; two narrow fissures in the granite! All students were given the opportunity to learn about our aquaculture projects on Hurricane. They got to handle the scallops, and asked an immeasurable number of questions about them, including but not limited to: how scallops spawn, how old they get, where and how they live in the wild, what parts get eaten and why, and why we choose to focus on them for our work. Later, I was floored as I watched student teams successfully design, build, and navigate never-seen-before raft models across the Ice Pond. Finishing up the program, we conducted an inspirational marine debris pick-up. I accompanied two students who took it upon themselves to drag an enormous piece of plywood they found at the north end of the island almost a half mile back to our trash facility. Although it took a while, and there was occasional grumbling, the boys were proud to have accomplished such a feat.

I never anticipated having so much fun teaching and exploring during my second program back this season, but the Eaglebrook students were a phenomenal bunch. I was incredibly stunned by the energy they exuded seemingly around the clock, and the ability they had to tackle new adventures and experiences with the zest and enthusiasm of youth. They made my transition back into island life and education as laughter-filled and energizing as it could have been. Looking forward to many more programs like this!

Cole moves through “The Crack”.

Sam learns the ropes on our climbing wall.

Sam learns the ropes on our climbing wall.

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