Kitchen Assistant

Teagan Wu

My name is Teagan Wu and I have grown up in Freeport, Maine. From kindergarten through twelfth grade, I attended Waldorf school where I experienced hands-on learning outdoors and in the classroom. I soon fell in love with art, poetry, singing, and movement. My passion for being in community has led me to many places throughout the world. After a gap year and attending St. Olaf College in Minnesota for a year, I found my way back to Maine to attend College of the Atlantic. The fresh ocean air and mountains greeted me as I dove into learning about sustainable food systems. I immediately felt at home supporting plants grow and making meals in the kitchen. My passion for nourishing food has continued to flourish. For my senior project I have been offering community cooking workshops that integrate art, mindfulness, and gratitude practices which I am looking forward to continuing. I feel immensely grateful to be here at Hurricane Island to continue preparing and sharing food within community.