Sustainability Intern

Rachael Goldberg

After living her whole life in the mountains of Western Maine, Rachael made the trek over to the other side of Maine to study at College of the Atlantic.  She is loving living on the coast and all the unique experiences that it has to offer.  At College of the Atlantic, Rachael’s studies are interdisciplinary in the field of environmental sciences with a emphasis on sustainability, people, energy, and food.  Rachael is always trying to work towards strengthening her understanding of the changing climate and how to be a positive gear in the earth’s climate crisis.  She is involved in her school’s climate justice group, earth in brackets and the zero waste group.  When not running around to class or meetings Rachael enjoys hiking, running, cross country skiing and walks in the woods.  She also loves to cook and make music.  The last time Rachael visited Hurricane Island was when her parents were working there and she was about three years old.  She can not wait to return over fifteen years later to make memories of her own!