Director of Development

Emily Peckham

Work email:

Emily was raised in a science-focused household on a working farm in rural upstate New York and spent her summers exploring meadows, woods, and streams. Her connection to the coast has always been strong, as each summer included family visits to Mystic, CT. Adventures in Cambridge as a child led Emily to move to Boston after graduating from Oberlin College. Although she earned a B.A. in psychology with a strong research methods focus and inductions into Sigma Xi and Phi Beta Kappa, music always was and continues to be a love of hers. Today, she uses the lessons learned in her ensemble acting course as much as her later studies in organizational behavior. Her early career included management consulting in a boutique firm and project management at a major Boston teaching hospital. After three years in a Ph.D. program at a business school, Emily found she didn’t have a dissertation that was dying to be written and moved to Maine to have children and got a great stepson, too, who now has his own son, which kind of makes Emily a grandma. She is active in her Unitarian Universalist congregation, belongs to a driving club, loves to bake exquisite desserts, and takes adventures in the mountains and at sea. She lives in Rockland in an in-town home with two big kids and a very small dog.