Penobscot Bay Leadership Collaborative

2019 DATES TBD, Cost $2500

Financial Aid Available, See Registration Instructions for more information

The Apprenticeshop, the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership (HICSL), and the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School (HIOBS) have united around a shared vision: to foster the development of character and inspire a curiosity for science and craftsmanship for midcoast Maine youth. Through hands on engagement in seamanship, science and sailing we hope to inspire innovation, curiosity and develop leadership that will have a lasting impact in the community.

The program is open to rising 8th and 9th grade male and female students in the Midcoast region, from Waldoboro to Northport.  Students from out of this target region are encouraged to apply, and we will place them on a waitlist. If there are course spots available after May 15, 2018 we will open them up to waitlisted students.    

Please contact Phoebe Jekielek at or 207-867-6050 with questions.

2018 Schedule

PBLC Girls Crew Schedule, June 25th - July 8th, $2500

  • June 25 - 27 = At the Apprenticeshop (participants will camp at HIOBS Wheeler Bay and take a van to/from the Apprenticeshop daily)

  • June 28 - July 1 = on Hurricane Island with HICSL

  • July 2 - 8 = on boats with HIOBS (depart Hurricane Island and travel to Wheeler Bay for course end)


PBLC Boys Crew Schedule, July 16th - 29th, $2500

  • July 16 - 18 = At the Apprenticeshop (participants will camp at HIOBS Wheeler Bay and take a van to/from the Apprenticeshop daily)

  • July 19 - 22 = on Hurricane Island with HICSL

  • July 23 - 29 = on boats with HIOBS (depart Hurricane Island and travel to Wheeler Bay for course end)


Program Details

Overall Experience:

Regular group discussions throughout the course will allow for reflection on each day’s progress, and ensure that leadership and group responsibilities are shared so that every participant is integral to overall experience. Through living and working closely together, students will learn far more than seamanship and scientific method. The habits learned and strengthened through this adventure will serve students for life, and for whatever challenge is next.


Students will learn the basics of navigation, knots, weather, rowing, sailing and woodworking skills. Students will be exposed to a variety of sailing and rowing craft and their time will be divided between time on (and even in) the water and working project time in the shop itself. Participation in group challenges and activities designed to foster team related skills will round out their time at the Apprenticeshop and form the foundation the group will build on as they move through the rest of the program. During this part of the program, students will be staying at Wheeler Bay and transported each day to/from the Apprenticeshop. On the last day of their program, students will be transported via boat to Hurricane Island.

Hurricane Island

On Hurricane Island students will be involved in a variety of projects to help them understand the ecosystems of Penobscot Bay and human impacts on the environment.  Students will also spend time developing their own research that they will implement throughout the rest of the program and present at the final celebration.  This work will be integrated with activities to explore the island, reflect on their experiences, and develop as individual leaders and a team. Students will be living and learning on Hurricane Island throughout this part of the program. They will depart from Hurricane Island via pulling boat on the last day of the program for the final leg of the experience.

Outward Bound

Students will load all their gear and food for four days on to a 30-foot open sailboat.  Students will take the skills they have learned throughout the program and apply them to expedition sailing, including conducting onboard research. They will row or sail everyday, developing additional skills as they travel along their planned route. On board, they will carry all they need: stoves, shelters, food and water, etc. Bathing will occur daily with an ocean swim.

Final Celebration

Students will arrive at Wheeler Bay for the culminating celebration with enough time to clean the boat, process their experience, and analyze the data they have collected on the expedition.  Students will participate in a final challenge activity and then reunite with their parents for the festivities. The final celebration will include student presentation reflecting on their time in the course as a team, their personal growth, and the results of their research.  


Seamanship and Sailing

  • Boat handling skills, sailing and seamanship

  • Rowing

  • Coastal piloting and navigation

  • Coastal cruising and live aboard skills

  • Tides, currents, and weather forecasting

  • Anchoring

Craftsmanship and building with wood

  • Tools, purpose, using safely

  • Designing projects

  • The building process

STEM Skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

  • Engineering design

  • Observation

  • Scientific questioning

  • Data collection and analysis in the field

  • Marine biology and ecology

Rock Climbing (weather dependent)

  • Belaying and rope handling

  • System safety

  • Climbing technique

  • Rappelling

Group Dynamics

  • Leadership and decision making

  • Followership and expedition behavior

  • Communication and conflict resolution

  • Goal setting

Expedition Skills

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Safety management and basic first aid

  • On board shelter construction

  • Outdoor cooking

  • Nutrition and rationing

  • Conservation practices

  • Ropes and knots

  • Leave No Trace wilderness ethics

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