The Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean

The Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean has been a partner of HIF since 2013, and Rachael Miller, the founder and executive director has been out to visit with her summer crew every summer and helped with our programs, and shared ROV and Drone footage of Hurricane Island. The Rozalia Project is a nonprofit education and conservation organization whose mission is to find and remove marine debris from the surface to the sea floor through action, technology, outreach, and research.

Three interns count and record their marine debris finds from Hurricane's main pier.

Their summer work is based on the American Promise, a 60-foot sailboat designed by Ted Hood, and made famous by Dodge Morgan's solo voyage around the world.  While onboard, Rachael and her crew can deploy neuston nets to do surface tows and VideoRay ROV's (remotely operated vehicles), which can dive to 1,000 feet, to help locate and remove underwater marine debris in a non-invasive way. The sailboat serves as a great education platform to get students excited and interested in conserving the marine world.

The Rozalia Project has utilized the Hurricane Island Foundation’s Field Research Station a number of times during summer 2013. First, they came for three days with one captain, one crew and five interns. Next, they returned for two days with one captain, one crew, two interns, and four visiting scientists from the University of Exeter, UK, who were studying micro plastics, plankton, and food systems. The third time The Rozalia Project came to Hurricane, they carried one captain, two crew, four interns and a representative from the Ocean Conservancy. Rachael (who also captains the American Promise) is excited about continuing to visit Hurricane to support our summer programs and collect marine debris cleanup data from our shorelines.

Rozalia's Interns also made a movie about our composting toilets and solar power systems!  We are excited to have made this connection and look forward to working and collaborating with Rachael on education projects next summer!

One of our favorite parts of The Rozalia Project is that they promote citizen science—which means you can help! Download a marine debris form and start cleaning your own coastline. Then submit your data to The Rozalia Project!