Teaching Assistant

Lilla Fortunoff

Lilla Fortunoff was born and raised in south-central Alaska. She has spent time on her father’s boat in a variety of location in the Penobscot Bay and the Caribbean. The oceans of Maine and the Caribbean have fostered a deep love and fascination for the sea and for all living beings. Lilla currently lives in Burlington, Vermont and attends University in Vermont. She will be graduating in December of 2018 with double majors in Environmental Studies and Geography. Lilla has always loved working with younger people and doing education and facilitation work; she has previously worked as a summer camp instructor at two different environmentally-focused camps in Vermont. Lilla is jumping for joy to be back on Hurricane Island for her second summer as a Teaching Assistant. Lilla loves being part of the Hurricane Island community because of the opportunities to think critically about marine issues and science while teaching, among other things. In March, Lilla traveled to Cuba as part of a university course on Sustainable Agriculture and Marine Ecology. Lilla chose to focus her independent study for the course on Cuba’s Marine Protected Areas. This trip furthered Lilla’s interest in human-nature interactions and connections, which is a core academic focus for her. Lilla loves to play Ultimate Frisbee, cook and eat food, and exploring with binoculars in hand.