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First Impressions Series: Stefanie Burchill

Plum Tomato First Impressions

A full and happy table for staff orientation

My plum tomato colored face feels pre-leathered from a sunburnt ingrained smile. I have never lived on an island before, and so far I have realized that no matter how many gallons of sunscreen I apply, it will never be enough to protect my marshmallow complexion. Living in a pink hue, and off of the conventional grid is a small price to pay for the magic Hurricane Island has shown me in just a few short weeks. Community means everything to this Island. With out the tight bonds formed by the on-site staff, and board members abroad, the programs, operations, and education would fail almost instantaneously. Each and every day this intentional community bands together washing dishes to bright pop music, stirring compost to help feed each other, and listening closely to every members ideas to gain personal, and organizational growth.

Being a college student, I usually see people around my tiny Maine campus fending for themselves. Pouring large cups of coffee, then going into isolation for a few hours out in the library, they only mingle via social media.  Being on Hurricane, it is near impossible to isolate one’s self for more than a short nap, or walk around the perimeter trail. My original introvert anxiety thought was that this kind of life style would be a little too taxing. However, Hurricane’s communal reliance is not taxing, with everyone working towards the same mission, community becomes the source of the island’s energy (with some help from the solar array). Hurricane Island is a rowing gig. A well-balanced vessel who generates thriving individuals, and a safe space for anyone looking to enjoy a shared ocean breeze.

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