Island Updates

Returning to the Island

Guest post: Bailey Moritz, Research Assistant

My first dinner did not disappoint!

Yurt platforms stand at the ready

Oh how I missed foggy mornings. I am so excited to be out on Hurricane again for another season of research, wonderful people, and learning! Even though this was my first weekend on the job after finishing school, the island has been in full gear for a while. I rode the boat out with a group from the Maine Island Trail Association coming to break new trail towards Sand Beach and we arrived to witness the final day of two middle school programs. There are a lot of awesome new staff members and educators; already I’ve overheard conversations about “art as critical inquiry” and making natural dyes from lichen. We’ve unloaded applewood for the well-utilized pizza oven and eaten local oysters and fiddleheads thanks to our talented Chef Eric. Yurts are in the process of being built to house the growing number of participants that will be out on the island this summer. Upon hiking to the High Cliffs to take in that priceless view, I noted the blueberries already beginning to peek out.

As the island quieted down for the day, the staff took an afternoon to boat over to neighboring Greens Island and explore the granite ledges, keeping a keen eye and ear out for nesting eagles. Already, I got to check an activity off my Hurricane Island bucket list. There’s never a lack of things to do out here! While the cabin is just as I left it and the red and black flags still wave in welcome, there is no doubting the energy of exciting changes pulsing throughout the island. Stay tuned for some great updates this summer. Cheers to being back out on Hurricane and cheers to what is shaping up to be an awesome season!

Climbing around the edges of Greens Island

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