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Bug Maine-ia

Part of Hurricane's insect collection

Join us at the Maine State Science Museum in August for Bug Maine-ia this year! Entomologists, environmental educators, foresters, and many others will be on hand to guide students and visitors through the big and tiny world of insects. Get up close and personal with some of the world's most fascinating insects at a live insect zoo and explore other displays that show the many fascinating ways that bugs affect our lives. Entomologists will also help students collect and identify insects found on the museum grounds (weather permitting).

The Hurricane Island booth will be exploring the following: 

Buggy behavior on land and in the water- From the social "dances" of honey bees to "crazy ants" attacking electronics, insect behavior is fascinating and highly complex. Come learn why insects and their close relatives behave the way they do and how understanding that behavior is useful to us as humans. How does a moth find food or a crab find a mate? Can you tell a termite where to walk? How do ants detect invaders from other colonies or lobsters remember who they have fought before? Learn all this and more as you explore buggy behavior!

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