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Living on the Edge (Jr.): Discovering Island Species that Survive and Thrive

This 5-day teen (ages 11-13) science camp is packed with experiential learning adventures along Hurricane Island’s breathtaking coastline, beaches, and trails. Challenge your mind as you explore, think, observe, and ask questions like a trained naturalist, and become familiar with Hurricane's island ecology, identifying birds, plants, and marine organisms that are found on Hurricane Island. 

Here are some of the activities that are part of this program: 

  • Hike around the island using binoculars and field guides, discovering and collecting specimens to write, draw, and identify.
  • Learn techniques to draw from life and from Hurricane’s botanical, mammal, and invertebrate collections, and improve drawing skills through focus on scale, form, contour, and hierarchy of information.
  • Experiment with different media including watercolors, colored pencils, pastels; try fun art projects using photo-sensitive paper and found objects from nature to communicate scientific concepts.
  • Contribute field notebook observations to citizen science projects.
  • Learn about landscape art and artists and design a group land art piece.
  • Practice sustainable living through hands-on interactions with the systems and technologies that support our island community, from solar panels to composting.
  • Learn about Hurricane Island’s history as a granite quarry’s company town by exploring the remaining tools and building foundations, looking at historic photos, and sharing readings from century-old newspaper stories.
  • Challenge your body by hiking, learning how to sail in Penobscot Bay, and learning how to rock climb and rappel on the historic Hurricane Island quarry rock face.
  • Relax in the evening with a pick-up soccer game, sunset hike, a swim off our main pier, or some late-night star gazing.