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Introductory Bird Banding Workshop

Are you interested in becoming a bird bander? Hurricane Island is happy to offer our first Bird Banding workshop taught by world-class instructors from The Institute for Bird Populations. This seven-day introductory course is designed to provide both amateur birders and professional biologists with the skills necessary to participate in monitoring and research programs involving bird banding. A typical day at a IBP banding class is spent mist-netting and banding captured birds in the morning, and in-classroom lectures and discussions in the afternoon.

Skills taught include:

  • Operation of mist-nets and safe extraction of birds
  • Bird-handling skills
  • In-hand ageing and sexing techniques
  • Scoring and recording data using MAPS protocol and forms

Lectures and discussions cover:

  • Avian life histories, energetics, molts, and plumages
  • Banding ethics
  • The permitting process
  • The role of banding in research and monitoring

Program Cost: $1,800 includes food, accommodations, training, and training materials
Program Size: Space is limited to 7 participants, must be age 18+