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Maine Fishermen's Forum

We will have a booth at this year's Fishermen's Forum in the Bay Point Ballroom, so be sure to stop by and say hello! Our new Science and Research Coordinator for our Field Research Station, Caitlin Cleaver, will also be at this event and we'd love it if you join us in welcoming her to the Hurricane Island community!

Caitlin will be a panelist and presenter in the Pen Bay Room at 2:45 on Saturday for "Thinking Outside the Box: Spatial Closures and the Maine Scallop Fishery."

"The Maine scallop fishery once supported a large number of vessels and was a large component of many fishing businesses yearly income prior to the mid-1990s. Since that time, declines in the resource have prompted the Maine DMR to initiate a forward-thinking approach to rebuild this once robust fishery. Over the past five years, the fishery has utilized spatial closures as a rebuilding strategy with relative success. In this session, we’ll discuss the current management approach, which includes spatial closures, the benefits that closures have provided to the Maine and scallop fisheries around the world and a case study of a collaborative pilot study which aims to evaluate the effects within and adjacent to the Lower Muscle Ridge Closure."

For more information about the seminar listings for this year visit here.

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