Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Program
SciArt Scholarship

Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs (Bow Seat) and the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership (HICSL) are proud to announce an extraordinary scholarship opportunity for a student interested in exploring the nexus of art and science during HICSL’s Advanced Marine Biology program. This student will have the opportunity to create their independent research project based around the concept of “art as inquiry.”

Each summer, HICSL offers a two-week Advanced Marine Biology program where students gain an in-depth look at marine biology and the sampling methods scientists use to develop research projects. Throughout the program, participants work with our scientists and staff to design and complete their own independent research project in marine biology, culminating in a community presentation of their work.

Bow Seat believes in the power of the arts to inspire curiosity in the natural world, foster environmental awareness, and motivate positive action. In both science and the arts, we ask “What if…?”; conduct an experiment; and then practice interpretation, synthesis, and communication skills. Using a creative outlet during the scientific process helps create meaningful educational experiences and helps students not only to understand new concepts, but also to connect with ideas emotionally.

Luyi Song, Silver Award, 2016 competition

Bow Seat and HICSL hope that the SciArt Scholarship winner comes away from the program with an understanding of marine ecosystems deepened through hands-on engagement with the natural environment, creative exploration with a chosen medium, and imagining what it means to be an ocean caretaker. In particular, the scholarship winner will be expected to:

  • Bring to life their independent research project through one of the following mediums, illustrating how they used the creative arts as a critical method of inquiry:

    • Prose (essay of 5-8 pages; fiction or nonfiction)

    • Poetry (1 poem or anthology; no more than 2 pages total)

    • Visual art (photography, painting, drawing, sculpture)

    • Film (2-4 minutes)

  • Write an Artist Statement, a written reflection of no more than 250 words describing your project and experience. Some questions to consider: Why did you choose this medium? What inspired you? What have you learned through the process of creation?

Click here for more information about our Advanced Marine Biology program

Application Components

  • Essay: 250-300 words

    • How would you use the creative process to inform your scientific method?

    • Where do you see the intersection of art and science?

  • Financial Aid

    • Income

    • Need Statement

For more information email OR to apply, email with the above application materials and your name, email, and phone number for us to contact you.

About the Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs

Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs is a Boston-based nonprofit with an international reach whose mission is to inspire and empower the next generation of ocean caretakers through art, science, and advocacy. Bow Seat runs the annual Ocean Awareness Student Contest; now in its 5th year, this interdisciplinary competition encourages students to think creatively about how humans’ actions impact the health of our oceans and coastal environments.

In 2016, Bow Seat provided a $500 scholarship for a student to attend HICSL’s week-long Island Ecology program. She was tasked with creating two pieces of art during her experience and writing a blog post about what the Hurricane Island experience and art mean to her.